We eat cows, so why not?

This image was emailed to me by someone named Jon S. I'm not sure if he was trying to stick it to me for being a meat-eater or if it was meant to make me feel bad. Or maybe "Jon S." is really my veggie-eating husband trying to make a point.

Either way, I get it Mr. S. Yes, little puppy here is techincally an animal. And yes, if we choose to eat cow, pig, chicken - why not eat little Fido here.

Why not? Because look at that face. But seriously, to me, Fido here is not just an animal. He is my pet, my friend, my companion, my family. Hell, I gave him a name already. I can't eat him.

Maybe if I grew up on a farm or my parents let me have a pet cow named Bessie growing up I would feel differently. But, unfortunately I didn't. I had a dog named Blondie instead.

So, should I go around and start naming my burgers before eating them? Will that help me to know that the piece of meat that I drenched with ketchup and mustard was once a living, breathing animal who had thoughts, feelings and emotions? Well, ... maybe.

I can't say for sure, I really do like the taste of meat, but if I never had it I wouldn't know what I was missing.

So, to take the easy way out I can simply blame my meat-eating ways on my culture. I mean I'm a Westerner, we eat meat and a lot of it. Americans cook roughly twenty-seven billion pounds of beef, sliced from some thirty-five million cows a year.

But, in other countries this would be unheard of or in some cases strictly forbidden like in India within the Hindu culture. A cow to them is sacred. Where on the other hand, some places in Asia wouldn't think twice about eating cat or dog - and is even found on menus of restaurants there.

People choose to eat different animals and some people choose to not eat animals at all. Is it right? Who knows, who cares.

But, let's not judge anyone Mr. S. I am a person just like you and if I choose to eat Bessie instead of Fido so be it. And if you choose not to that is fine too. But, let's leave it at that. Unless, however, you want to send me a pet cow for my upcoming birthday, then I would choose to love it, name it and definitely NOT eat it. That is a promise I can definitely make. Hell, I can't eat Bessie then, but I could eat her distant cousin with a side of fries still.

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