Couples Who Eat Together, Stay Together


Illustration by Jon Keegan

Are you the vegetarian or the meat eater in the relationship?  

In my case, I'm the meat eater, which can be pretty embarrassing when we go to a steakhouse and I order the big juicy rib-eye and my husband orders the small salad - because it's either that or ordering every side dishes on the menu for $30 a plate.


My husband has been a vegetarian his entire life. He has never had a McDonald's hamburger or mom's homemade meatloaf and he'll never understand what crispy, bacon really taste like. He's never had it. And I'm not trying to convert him to the evil ways of eating meat and he's not getting all high and mighty trying to convince me that soy products are the way of the world. They're not - sorry, there is absolutely no substitute for real bacon, but I can and have been learning to compromise on my veggie/soy/tofu intake and avoiding steakhouses. But, what I'm not willing to compromise is on the taste.

It's definitely not hard to find a vegetarian restaurant (especially if you live in LA where they're about as common as a Starbucks), but it is hard to find one that both a vegetarian (my husband) and a meat eater (me) consider to be worthy of a second go-around. And these days, we know no one has the time or money to spend making two meals, going to a so-so veggie restaurant or buying double groceries.

So, my husband and I decided couples who eat together, stay together.

I'm not saying I love every restaurant or recipe my husband made me try, but I can say I honestly didn't hate them. And lately, I actually like (dare I say prefer) the taste of chicken-less nuggets and meatless ribs ... wrapped in bacon of course.

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