The Rabbit Plate

My husband and I decided to go back to the French restaurant we went to last Valentine's Day. The last time we were there, we both enjoyed a great meal. It was a pre-fixed menu that had three-courses and plenty of vegetarian options for my husband. So, we figured second time around would be just as good - well, not quite.

We looked over the menu and this time around the only vegetarian option for my husband was an eggplant dish - my husband hates eggplant. And it seems to always be the go-to option on menus for vegetarians - and I'll be honest, I don't even like eggplant. My husband made the mistake of seeing if the waiter could ask the chef to put together some side dish veggies on a plate instead - they had great options like glazed carrots, broccoli, potatoes and much more. The waiter thought it would be okay and put the order in along with my medium-rare steak.

Around twenty minutes later both our meals came out. I dug into my steak and mashed potatoes and my husband dug around his big, mound of dry brown rice for an edible vegetable. To be honest, I didn't notice he wasn't eating, but what I did notice was that our waiter never came back to check on us - except to drop off the check.

My husband paid and we left. I asked him on our walk home if he enjoyed his meal and he said, "well, honestly no but I didn't want to ruin yours." I told him he didn't the chef did that with the so-so steak I had. Once I told him that he didn't feel bad telling me that they also charged him basically the same amount for his plate of grains that my steak cost. I felt terrible, and hearing his stomach growling didn't help.

He told me it was his own fault, he should have never asked a chef to make something - especially a vegetarian plate - that wasn't on the menu. I told him he was being crazy. He said this isn't the first time he got a "rabbit plate" and he's sure it won't be the last.

He went on to tell me that a rabbit plate is basically a chef's way of telling you to "F*** off" for not ordering off their menu. Well, we learned our lesson and we both have no problem telling that same chef and his restaurant on the corner of 5th and Arizona to "F*** off" everytime we walk passed it to go onto our truly favorite French restaurant Melisse - which doesn't serve eggplant.


on 2010-02-13 00:42 by Meat Me in the Middle

Do not worry, we will not be going to a French restaurant this Valentine's Day!

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