The Ravioli Incident

It will forever be known as the "ravioli incident." And unfortunately, we think about the ravioli incident at least once a year every holiday season.

Some couples have fond memories of their first Christmas together, my huband and I, have the ravioli incident. My husband, then boyfriend, came home with me to New Jersey to meet the rest of my family and spend our first Christmas together. It was Christmas Eve and we were at my brother's house celebrating with wine, cheese and a "little meat" it seems.

My brother's mother-in-law made a special "vegetarian" dish especially for my husband. She laddled some raviolis on a dish with some red sauce and sat them in front of my husband. What she didn't know is that my husband has the nose of a bloodhound when it comes to meat - he can even smell chicken stock in a soup. He says meat to him smells and tastes rotten. So, when that plate of cheese raviolis was in front of him, he made the bold move of asking "is there any meat in this?" to which he got a response, "no, they are cheese raviolis." He looked at them again, did the smell test and made sure he got his point across, "I have never eaten meat, so even a little bit of it will make me violently ill."

Maybe it was the thought of this person she just met throwing up all over or possibly going to the hospital, she finally fessed up and said, "well, it was cooked in meat sauce with my sausages, but that's okay, right?"

My husband, bless his veggie-loving soul, proceeded to wipe off each ravioli with a paper towel while smiling and saying, "sure."

He ate them. He didn't even bring up the "ravioli incident" again. Well, not until the following year when I asked him to come to my parents house again for Christmas and he said, "as long as I don't have to eat ravioli." And I gladly agreed.

StoriesKatherine Peterson