New Year's Resolutions - F*@# Them!

Everyone makes them, everyone breaks them - New Years Resolution. 

In the past I have made resolutions about going to the gym more, eating better, drinking less, losing weight, quitting my casual smoking habit ... and none of those resolutions made it past the first week of January. This time, I am not going to make any resolutions. This time, I say f*@# them!

If you have to make a resolution in order to do something or attempt to do something, history proves it's not going to last. We've all done it, and we've all failed. So, no resolutions for me this year. Instead, I will go about my business like I usually do. And if I happen to walk into a gym and work out for 30 minutes, so be it. And if one day I decide to eat a leafy green salad instead of a juicy burger - hey, it might happen - so be it. I'm doing those things because I can sometimes, heck I might want to sometimes. But, other other times I might choose to have a piece of steak over a piece of tofu - and to that I also say so be it.

So, no resolutions for me this year. I mean who makes a year-long decision after drinking six glasses of wine while wearing a funny hat and blowing a horn - not me. Well, not this time at least.

Happy New Year!

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