Restaurant Review: Dining Room at Shangri-La

Dining Room at Shangri-La 
Category: American (New)
Neighborhood: Santa Monica

1301 Ocean Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 394-2791

I have been to the Shangri-La many times for drinks outside by their pool, and occasionally have made it upstairs to their mixology lounge - but last night was the first time I ate in their dining room. It was small, probably around 20 tables, darker lighting and music played in the background. It overlooked the bluffs, which would be ideal for watching the sunset.

I went with some friends and we looked over the wine menu quickly and (of course, like most of us on a budget) chose one of the cheaper bottles of red, around $30. Next, we scanned over the menu for some eats, some of us were starving and some of us just wanted a few little dishes, this was perfect for the latter. The menu has changed a bit. They no longer serve full entrees, but instead choose to serve tapas-style dishes - which seems to be the norm these days for places in Santa Monica.

We decided on a mushroom flatbread, two grilled bruschettas, dates stuffed with cheese, wedge salad with blue cheese, and this French bread type dish that had an egg on it. All were really good, and pretty large in size, definitely enough for four people. The bill with the wine and food came out to around $90, which isn't so bad when you think about the prices for plates in Santa Monica. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the dining room accepted the KCRW member benefits card, which took our price down like $15 bucks - good deal.

We also lucked out by being in the presence of someone's birthday. The gentlemen of that party bought everyone a glass of this champagne cocktail with berries on top, and a slice of their cake. So an intimate dining room setting definitely worked out for us in the end.

We left full, a little tipsy and definitely happy.