Birthday Dinner: Rustic Canyon

Yes, I go here a lot, but why not go to the place that you love and you know will get a good meal for your birthday. You can't go wrong with Rustic Canyon, they have great small plates like breaded cauliflower with capers, broccoli with chilis, butternut squash soup with roasted apple slices, burrata salads and tons of cheeses from Andrew's Cheese Shop on Montana Avenue.

What I wasn't expecting this time around was how crowded it would be - apparently a week before Christmas is when they are super busy, so make reservations. Another thing I wasn't expecting this time was that they didn't have one vegetarian main dish on the menu - even the pasta dishes at meat in them. This was a little disappointing, but they still offer a ton of veggie small plates that we were definitely full and definitely satisfied with our meal.

And one last thing I wasn't expecting is that we would be sat right next to Food Network's "Aarti Party" star, Aarti Sequeira. It looked like she was dining with friends and they sampled a ton of goodies from the menu - and seemed to be enjoying them.

So, conclusion is Rustic Canyon is a great choice to go to for your birthday dinner - it has the seal of approval apparently from a Food Network star,  just be sure to make reservations if your birthday is 10 days before Christmas, like mine.