Why I'll Never Be a Vegetarian

I can give up meat on Mondays like I have been doing for a month now, but can I really give up meat and eat super healthy food during the week like Jamie Oliver wants. I just don't know.

I tried to think what it would be like not to eat meat. I would probably lose that 10 pounds I've been trying to work off since I turned 30. And I would probably feel and look healthier all while supposedly saving the planet. But, would I really be able to stop eating meat and essentially become a full-time vegetarian.

I like the idea of dabbling in the world of vegetarianism with my soy meat products and fake bacon, but could I really give up sushi and seafood - remember fish is meat - and join my husband in never eating meat again. That's a tough one.

Sometimes, I think it would be easier to become a vegetarian than stay a part-time meat eater. My husband and I could share meals at a restaurant without the other one making gagging faces when we eat something slimy - me an oyster, him eggplant. I could go to the grocery store and buy ingredients that both of us could eat, or I could just cook one meal instead of sometimes two.

But, no one ever said things would be easy - in life or in relationships. So, why think they will start now if I simply give up meat. I'm sure if I gave up meat, something else would come up like how he uses too much salt in our vegetarian shepherd's pie or how I didn't make the fake bacon crunchy enough. If it isn't this, it's probably that. And that will always be more important than this.

And my that is eating meat, and his this is not. That's why I'll never be a vegetarian.

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