Vegging Out - Meat Free Monday

Okay I'm doing it. I'm jumping on the meat-free bandwagon and taking part in Paul McCartney's "Meat Free Monday."

I'm not a huge meat eater lately since marrying my vegetarian husband, so why not set aside at least one day a week where I promise not to eat any type of meat. No juicy burgers, no savory chicken satay, no delish fish and no ... wait for it ... BACON!

Yes, no bacon. No B.L.T or grilled cheese with bacon for me on Mondays from this point on. To some, this might not sound hard. It's only one day a week. And for me, it shouldn't be hard, but not eating meat because you just don't feel like it on a certain day and not eating it because you no longer can are two totally different things - and feelings.

It's like when someone says they have quit drinking or smoking. They are basically saying they are no longer going to have a drink or a cigarette ever again the rest of their life. I don't like the word "quit" and I don't like the word "quitter" - so I choose to do and be neither. I don't like to say I'm quitting anything because I don't want to end up a quitter  - which essentially will happen once I make a promise to myself to never ever do something again. I'm just asking myself to cheat on this promise because now more than ever I will crave the one thing I am depriving myself of. I don't do New Year's Resolutions and I never did Lent when I was kid for this very reason.

So instead, I choose to tell people I have stopped things, like smoking. It sounds and has a different meaning than saying I have "quit." To me, it's less pressure. I'm giving myself some leeway to slip if need be without the feeling of failure. So, if I choose to have a cigarette on a random Friday night after having three glasses of wine I want to to be able to. And I want to without getting the glaring looks or the instant feeling of being a quitter.

Can I really quit eating meat on Mondays for the rest of my life? What if I forget? What if I eat something that has meat in it and I don't realize until it's too late? What if all my co-workers are going out to In n' Out - what am I suppose to do just eat animal-style fries?

So, should I quit eating meat on Mondays or should I stop eating meat on Mondays? I think I can live with stopping as a first step. And I think Paul McCartney can live with that too.

For more info on how you can STOP eating meat on Mondays, go to

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