Meatless Monday Tips: Foodie Apps

Check out some amazing food apps for your iphone. Use any of these to prepare your next Meatless Monday recipe. Here are some of my faves.

•    KCRW Good Food
Price: $0.99
Description: Podcasts, events, recipes and more

•    Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List
Price: Free
Description: Loads of recipes based off ingredient, region, time preparation and more. Also save and email your shopping list or yourself, friends or family.  

•    Foodbuzz
Price: Free
Description: Join one of the largest foodie communities online. Share recipes, photos, blog posts and more.

•'s DinnerSpinner
Price: Free
Description: Spin through thousands of quick and easy recipes submitted by members.
•    Whole Foods Market Recipes
Price: Free
Description: Save recipe favorites, search recipes, add to your shopping lists and more.

•    4 Ingredients
Price:  usually $4.99, but $1.99 for limited time
Description: Choose a food item in your kitchen, and be provided with a delicious yet simple recipe that has three other ingredients – hence, 4 Ingredients.