"Big Night" - Family, Food and Taking Chances

I finally watched "Big Night" with my husband last night (and a glass of red wine) and was not only blown away by all the amazing food in the movie, but also the sincere story of family, food and taking chances.

In case you have been living under a rock, like apparently I was since 1996 when this movie first came out, it's about two brothers - Primo and Secondo - who have come to America from Italy to open their own authentic Italian restaurant. Primo is a brilliant, yet socially awkward, chef who rather cook his mama's risotta recipe than big meatballs like at the flashy Americanized restaurants. Secondo is the younger brother who has been swept up in the America dream of fancy cars, beautiful women and pockets full of money. Unfortunately, the restaurant is not making any money, so Secondo goes to Pascal - his enormously successful competitor who is all flare and little flavor - for help. Pascal calls in a favor to have a big-time jazz musician come play and eat and the brothers' restaurant, and hopefully spread the word and help bring in business. Once the plan is set in motion, Secondo and Primo begin to prepare the feast of all feasts for their big night.

This movie not only touched my taste buds with its roasted chicken, hand-made pasta and, of course, the legendary timpano, but also made me feel like I should be taking more chances in my own life. Yes, I left where I grew up and traveled for a "new start" in a sense. But, I didn't really take any chances since getting here. My dream has always to be a writer of some sorts, whether that's books or screenplays, that dream has staled since being here. I lost my way similar to how Secondo did. I cared more about making money and being comfortable than doing what I like to do and what I enjoy to do.

Thankfully since meeting my husband, who not only awakened me by showing me this movie (which is also one of his favorites), but also by encouraging me every day to write and be creative. He reads what I write, gives me feedback, helps me come up with ideas - he is truly my Primo - socially awkward and all. We may fight sometimes, but I always know he has my back, and I want him to know that I will always make him eggs, even when we are fighting.

"Big Night: A Novel with Recipes" - Learn how to make Primo's tomato sauce, basic risotta, Secondo's eggs and more. You can even learn how to play the ring game they play during the end of the party.