Thank You Mom on Mother's Day - and Sorry!

Thank you mom for taking care of me, but more importantly teaching me how to take care of myself
Sorry for still calling you when I'm sick even though I'm 3000 miles away

Thank you mom for teaching me that earning your own money is more important than it being handed to you
Sorry for still asking for money for plane tickets, birthday presents and the occasional clothes shopping spree

Thank you mom for showing me that being with your family is the most important thing in life
Sorry in advance for ditching the family to go on an exotic vacation instead of seeing you next year for Christmas

Thank you mom for always being there for me despite being: overtired, overworked and overstressed
Sorry in advance for getting you just the so-so flowers for Mother's Day, instead of going for the expensive ones

Happy Mother's Day
Sorry I couldn't be there in person

Katherine Peterson