The Veg of Reason

Vegetarians are sick and tired of the wacky myths out there that claim they are just a bunch of picky eaters who are too hard to cook for or have over for dinner. I uncover five myths below about the vegetarian lifestyle.

1. Vegetarians are too hard to cook for
It is actually quite easy to cook dishes that both a meat eater and vegetarian would like - pasta, pizza, casseroles, soups and salads just to name a few. Or try cooking/having at least a handful of vegetarian dishes at your next dinner party if you want to have both meat and veggie options. Believe me your guest will appreciate the variety of flavors.

2. Being a vegetarian is expensive
Unless you are eating out every single night, being a vegetarian is actually much cheaper. Main protein ingredients for vegetarians like beans and grains are less expensive than meat, chicken or seafood. And if you buy locally, you will be saving pennies and helping out your neighborhood.

 3. It's really hard to eat out if you're a vegetarian
This may still be true in certain areas of the country, but majority of restaruants now have veggie menu options. And if a particular restaruant doesn't have any vegetarian items, you can always try asking them to put some of the side dishes together for a great farmers' market type plate.

4. Vegetarians don't get enough protein in their diet
This myth is totally untrue. Vegetarians get a lot of protein from beans, grains, vegetables, nuts already, but they can also increase their protein intake by trying other products like soy milk, tofu, TVP and tempeh.

5. Being vegetarian means you have to cook from scratch
It is great to cook from scratch, but you definitely don't have to. There are plenty of products you can buy in your grocery store that you can just pop in your microwave or oven and eat almost instantly. Check out vegetarian burgers, pasta dishes, pizzas, sanwiches, soups and more.