Everything Taste Better With Bacon!

My husband and I went to some friends’ house for brunch where they served vegetarian-friendly crepes, eggs, fruit and mimosas. The hostess also fried up some real bacon on the stove for the meat-eaters.

As the rest of us were playing with their adorable three-year-old son, my husband was eyeing the leftover bacon that was resting on a plate on the counter. I could see him out of the corner of my eye, looking at the bacon. I already knew he loved the smell of bacon from the many trips he has taken to my parents’ house, but this time he looked at it like some meat-eater had possessed his body. He stuck his face so close to the bacon I thought he was going to just lap it up with his tongue. I turned around quickly and yelled, “What are you doing?” to his response, “I just wanted to smell it.”

Ah, bacon. I completely understand the power of it. Bacon can make anything taste better. Just the smell of bacon can entice your mouth to start salivating. But, since I have met my husband, we don’t have any real meat – besides fish – in the house, and that includes bacon. We have settled for “fake” bacon to add to our BLT and fried egg sandwiches. But, one thing that has made the “fake” bacon almost tolerable – is Bacon Salt.

Bacon Salt is a zero-calorie, vegetarian and kosher seasoning that makes everything taste like well, bacon. Since we discovered Bacon Salt, we have added it to not only our “fake” bacon that we fry up, but my husband also sprinkles it on just about anything – salads, soups and other fake meat products.

Don’t get me wrong, Bacon Salt can never take the place of real bacon for a meat eater, but it can definitely help a vegetarian make everything taste better.