Cupcake Cocktails: Where Butch Meets Buttercream

Rum, beer, brandy, kahlua, whiskey – no, I’m not listing out my favorite cocktails at the bar, but ingredients in the latest and greatest idea – cupcakes for men!

Former Wall Street lawyer turned cupcake entrepreneur, David Arrick, came up with the idea of mixing butch with buttercream when he lost his job and realized that a cupcake store was just as popular as a Starbucks in New York City. He came up with 12 signature cupcakes like Rum & Coke, Beer Run, Sidecar and Home Run which mixes banana Bavarian cream with crumbled bacon.

Unfortunately, Butch Bakery, is located in New York, but fortunately they take orders online. And with a cupcake cookbook coming out later this year, everyone will be sitting in their favorite chair slinging back an Old Fashioned – an orange soaked whiskey cake with lemon curd filling, that is.

NewsKatherine Peterson