Congrats to Aarti Party!

Congrats to The Next Food Network Star’s sixth season’s winner Aarti Sequeira.

I have to say I am a fan of this show, and this season was no different. However, I always knew from the beginning that Aarti would come out on top. She is truly inspiring in her recipes, personality and writing. She definitely deserved to win.

As you may or may not know, Aarti is a food blogger from Los Angeles, who beat out Herb Mesa, a personal trainer and chef and Tom Pizzica, an unemployed chef from San Francisco, during last night's finale.

Her show will feature simple ways to enhance American favorites with Indian influences, spices and flavors. Set your tivos, recorders or heck even watch live because this show shouldn't be missed.

Aarti's new daytime cooking show, Aarti Party, premieres Sunday, August 22 at 12PM ET/PT

For more on Aarti Party, check out her Food Network show page.

To see where it all began, check out Aarti’s food blog.

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