“Damn you and your love of glazed meat products!”

After my post yesterday, I realized again that there are no vegetarian shows on the Food Network – why? Some shows talk about vegetarian dishes here and there like, “Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger,” but not one show is dedicated to vegetarian or vegan cooking. Why is that?

They now have an Indian-influenced show with “Aarti Party” and they have shows focused on Mexican dishes and Italian, but nothing dealing with vegetarian cooking. They have shows about grilling meat, baking cupcakes, racing food trucks and even a show about the “Worst Cooks in America,” but no vegetarian shows.

I’m not a vegetarian, but I definitely cook for one and eat majority vegetarian dishes in my home. And it would be extremely helpful if Food Network had a show dedicated to vegetarian and vegan cooking.

With 3% of Americans now saying they are vegetarian in America, shouldn’t we have a show for them? And with even more Americans wanting to eat healthier and have healthier alternatives to meat, you would think it would be an obvious decision.

I guess a show like “Ham on the Street” will always triumph when it comes to shows about healthy, low-fat, foods and recipes. I mean look at their site. It has a big, meaty sandwich ad at the top. I guess a veggie sandwich loaded with sprouts just wouldn’t look at appetizing to middle-America.

All I can say to Food Network is, “Damn you and your love of glazed meat products!” 

Katherine Peterson