Restaurant Review: Naresh’s

I discovered Naresh’s while walking down Main Street and decided to give it a try. They open at 5pm every night and offer a small lounge-type restaurant/bar area. They have a few tables and comfy chairs for sitting and eating in the lounge area, a long table for a private party it seems and plenty of seating at the bar, which offers wine, beer and liquor.  

The atmosphere is really relaxed with candles flickering and jazz music playing in the background. Our server, Sham, came right over to greet us and brought us menus. We ordered: basil, mozzarella and tomato pizza, mushroom and fennel salad, artichokes with this spicy dipping sauce and a really great Indian dessert. Everything is small plates so definitely great for sharing and the prices were really reasonable, each plate was around $7-10. And of course once there, you should definitely pair your dishes with a glass of wine. Sham was very helpful in choosing a great glass of wine.

Shortly after we started eating, the owner Naresh, came over to see how everything was. He was really friendly and genuinely wanted to know how we liked everything. And we told him, everything was great – and we genuinely meant that. The pizza was made in their brick oven and was super thin and crispy. The mushroom and fennel salad was super fresh and light. The dipping sauce for the artichokes had the right amount of heat. And the Indian dessert was a nice way to end the meal. Everything was light and fresh and really good.  

With a restaurant motto of, “Incredible Friendships Begin at Naresh’s,” I will definitely be coming back to Naresh’s – probably on a weekly basis.

2420 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405