This Leaves a Sour Taste in my Mouth

I heard a story on NPR this morning about a little girl almost getting fined for selling glasses of lemonade for 50 cents at a local fair. Why was she going to get fined?  Because she didn’t have her $120 temporary restaurant license, according to a local health inspector.

This health inspector told the little girl and her mom that they would have to shut down the lemonade stand or pay a $500 fine.  Was her lemonade tainted? Did it contain poisonous ingredients that would cause the masses to get sick?

What’s next - little girls getting fined outside of a supermarket for selling Girl Scout cookies? My dad was a health inspector, but I don’t think he would think little Sally selling lemonade on the street corner was a health risk.

I mean when life gives you lemons, aren’t you supposed to make lemonade?

NewsKatherine Peterson