Meaty Issues Between Mismatched Meal Mates

Do you and your mate have mismatched eating habits?

In my case, I'm the meat eater who's married to a life-long vegetarian. My husband has been a vegetarian his entire life. He has never had a McDonald's hamburger or mom's homemade meatloaf and he'll never understand what crispy, bacon really taste like. He's never had it.

I love food. I mean, I really love food. I never thought I could date a vegetarian - let alone marry one. To me, sharing meals is an important factor in a relationship. And trying to cook meals together at home can be even more of a headache. While it is not a relationship breaker - obviously not if we got married - it is something that we have to think about constantly.
I'm not trying to convert my husband to the evil ways of eating meat and he's not getting all high and mighty trying to convince me that soy products are the way of the world. They're not - sorry, there is absolutely no substitute for real bacon, but I can and have been learning to compromise on my veggie/soy/tofu intake. But, what I'm not willing to compromise is on the taste.

It's definitely not hard to find a vegetarian restaurant (especially if you live in Los Angeles where they're about as common as a Starbucks), but it is hard to find one that both a vegetarian and a meat eater consider to be worthy of a second go-around. And these days, we know no one has the time or money to spend making two meals, going to a so-so restaurants or buying double groceries just to make each other happy.

Food is the backbone of our culture and preparing and eating food together is how relationships are built - and learning to compromise is part of building that relationship. illustration by Jon KeeganSo, my husband and I decided couples who eat together, stay together.

Together, we have been tackling new meatless recipes like tasty tacos on Tuesdays, meatless meatball sandwiches, and trying out new vegan and vegetarian restaurants. I'm not saying I love every restaurant or recipe I've tried, but I can honestly say I didn't hate them. And lately, I actually like (dare I say prefer) the taste of chicken-less nuggets and meatless ribs ... wrapped in bacon of course.  

I created "Meat Me In The Middle" to be a place where, not just meat eaters and veggie eaters, but all kinds of eaters can share stories, tips, give recommendations on restaurants or post some of their favorite recipes.

I'm not an expert in the kitchen, but I am an expert when it comes to finding new recipes, restaurants and food products and sharing them with others.

So, pull up your laptop and stay awhile, and let me know what you think.

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Katherine Peterson