You say "Herbs," I say "Erbs"

My at-home herb garden is doing rather well despite the gloomy, overcast weather we have been having by the beach. The basil is thriving, the thyme and rosemary are growing all over the place, and even my peppers are going strong. It has been a mission of mine to keep them from dying ever since my husband, who says I butcher the Queen's language when I pronounce herbs, like "erbs," told  me that my older neighbor said I was letting my garden go and thought I had more of a green thumb than that.

So, I have been watering my garden, putting the necessary fertilizer in there and even trimming around the dead leaves - so she doesn't see my failure. And I think it has worked. They seem to be sprouting more than ever, and all it took was a little nudge from my neighbor. So, I simple say to her every time I use some of my fresh basil on a pizza or rosemary in my roated potatoes ...

"Thank you for your words of encouragement kind lady, but don't even think about stealing my 'erbs!"

Katherine Peterson