The Four "C's" to NOT Dozing Off at Work

We've all been there.  It starts off with the occasional nod, then the eyes start to get heavy and next thing you know you just dozed off for a minute or so at your desk. You think it would be hard to get sleepy at work with the glaring oh-so-flattering, fluorescent lighting and cubicle neighbors blabbing on their phone or playing their music too loud, but oh yes it can still happen.

So, instead of getting caught dozing off, pep yourself up at work with the four "C's" that will help you to NOT fall asleep at work.

Try eat some chocolate at work, I'm not saying devour an entire candy bar from the vending machine, but those little candies you give out at halloween will do the trick instead. Chocolate has been shown to boost our mood, and it releases energy-boosting endorphins.

Cold Water
I don't know about you, but I chug water all day long at work, but if you need a quick pick-me-up, just drink a small cup of icy, cold water. A major cause of being sleepy is dehydration. So, hydrate yourself with not only a cup of coffee in the morning, but also a cold cup of water as well.

Vitamin C
A great way to boost your energy is by snacking on something that is rich in Vitamin C. Slice up an orange or drink some lemonade. Studies show Vitamin C is connected to vitality and even reducing the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Chinese Medicine
According to Chinese medicine, a simple forward bend can activate a reserve of sustaining energy that rests between the kidneys. So, get up from that chair and do a few stretches in your cube at least every few hours.

Yes, that's right if you are dozing off during that conference call whip out a piece of paper and start coloring. Coloring, doodling and/or writing notes is said to help with brain focus - go figure. And when you're focused on what you're doing, you're less likely to doze off.
Or better yet, eat a chocolate-covered orange, while sipping on cold water while doing stretches and coloring a picture in your cube. That'll keep you awake!