Review: Cha Cha Chicken

Tried out Cha Cha Chicken last night after living blocks from it for years. Not sure why I waited so long. I like the colorful atmosphere and easiness of going up to the counter and ordering and paying first.

I ordered the Jerk Chicken Enchiladas – and one veggie one for my husband, which they were nice enough to do, as well as, the Vegetarian Stew and black bean soup – all really good. The enchiladas were their signature dish and were smothered in the sweet, yet spicy mango pineapple jerk sauce. We sat outside and enjoyed the warm weather while we ate. The girl at the counter also told us that besides getting drinks there, you can BYOB – wine, beer, whatever. So, definitely doing that next time to save some money. Definitely going here again, can’t wait to try out the some of the brunch specials next time.